Advanced home building technologies.

The versatility of the materials, the benefits for the builder and the occupant, the sustainability in terms of thermal and economic impact on the environment, and the ease of assembly, make the system the most common construction in the low-rise, mid-rise residential and commercial building market.

About Us.

Ecohouse brings together cutting-edge sustainable housing technologies to conserve energy resources and replace old construction methods.

We are proud to be at the forefront of the market for high-quality panel systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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For the strength, durability and flexibility of the product system.

Typically, lightweight panels are constructed using precisely dimensioned timber joists, I-beams, trusses, composite timber, plywood and oriented strand board systems.

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An innovation-driven experience.

The company lives the triple challenge of quality, productivity and tight deadlines.


Panel houses are assembled quickly and to a high standard on site, using panels specially made in the factory.

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All our kits are prepared using structural insulated panels from floor to ceiling.

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To become an expert in any field, you need to spend 10,000 hours on it. A combination of theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Architectural concepts are made in the factory and then constructed on site without errors.

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Many people dream of owning their own home. It is so good and pleasant to come back to a home that feels cosy and warm, where both soul and body can relax, get away from work and the world, and the endless running... But to feel this good at home - it would have to be a home of one's own, and not everybody can afford to buy an apartment or, for example, a brick home. But there is already a unique solution and it is becoming more and more popular - the SIP house. This is a solution that almost everyone can afford. Because the price of such houses is much lower than the price of apartments on the market. The other key point is time, which is extremely important, because the construction process is extremely fast. So you will be able to move into your new house in a short space of time. And to tell the guests what a great sip house it is.

Such houses are particularly relevant for those who are tired of renting. Or for those who are thirsty for nature and freedom - after all, you want peace and quiet, less city noise and more greenery around you. SIP houses or smaller houses can also be perfect for office space for those who want to work closer to nature and not have to pay for office rent. You can be sure that your productivity will increase significantly and your mood will be better too!

SIP house - what makes it special?

SIP House – when you want it fast and quality! And it's aesthetically pleasing, too, because the house designs follow the design trends for such homes. So everyone can choose the SIP panel house project they like best and our team will get to work building it. It is worth noting that Ecohouse also designs to individual orders, so you will have a unique SIP panel house. SIP houses can range in size from very small houses to 80m2 houses. SIP houses are similar to other houses, just much faster to build.

SIP panel homes - what are the advantages?

A Sips house can become your dream home project quickly! In addition, the SIP house has a number of advantages and technical features thanks to its construction technology. 

  • time - very fast to build (about 2 months) - time depends on the project and the size of the building and the materials available; 
  • quality - A SIP house meets all quality standards;
  • price - very low compared to other housing prices, taking into account the construction costs (materials, labour, time); 
  • new - no one has lived there yet;
  • Design - every project looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing;
  • energy saving - a construction technology that saves heat costs; 
  • energy efficiency - on request, can meet A++ standards;
  • durability - SIP homes have a very long lifetime; 
  • Environmentally friendly - no pollution for the environment, no pollution for you and no construction waste on site;
  • resistance to weathering (rain, snow, cold, heat).

Another advantage is that even over many years, a prefabricated house maintains its quality and technical characteristics. For example, panel houses are special because they are not threatened by mould, which is not the case for many apartments, whether new or old. And this is very important from a health point of view, especially for those with young children. So it is definitely worth thinking about and choosing a house made of panels.

SIP structures, structural panels, panels have been successfully tested for flammability and compression, deformation and load concentration and other properties. Therefore, the SIP houses built by Ecohouse meet all the requirements for fire, moisture and load resistance. Dėl to parduodamas sip namas yra itin aukštos kokybės.

SIP panels and SIP boards for house construction - what is the cost?

The Ecohouse SIP Home is a great solution not only for the price, but also for the quality, time and design. As a result, the price is almost double, and sometimes triple, the price of conventional housing on the market. One of the reasons for this is the low material and time costs. The second reason is the SIP technology, which produces high quality that does not have a significant impact on the price (compared to other technologies for building new houses).

The price of a SIP house depends on a number of criteria: the design you choose, the square footage of the house, and additional extras (e.g. roof, finishes, systems, etc.). The fewer the squares and extras, the lower the price. The more extras, the higher. But in any case, SIP houses outperform conventional houses and apartments in terms of their low prices. So the prices of sip houses are really reasonable!

We build not only SIP houses, but also other structures such as garden houses using SIP panels, panels. Production is fast-paced and turnkey garden houses or other SIP houses are ready to be built at your address!

The choice of slab homes is really wide. So there is a choice of whether it's an individual project or ready-to-assemble kits. The sale of a SIP house takes place when the desired project is selected from a catalogue or a new unique project is negotiated. However, there is always a consultation on what needs to be done and how it should be done, and what the best solution would be. Each project is carried out by professionals with experience, so professionalism is guaranteed!

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