Modular Houses

SIP Modular House. A wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle, the noise. Fully insulated, warm, modern, A++ class and well priced. One of the main features of such a house is that it is so versatile, and its use is not limited by your imagination!

A garden house on your plot near the city, a summer house by the seaside, a small office building in the city or outside the city - all this is possible with our SIP modular houses!

Modular houses for all your needs!

Ecohouse will make your wish come true, whatever it may be - whether it's a small holiday home or an office, or a family home closer to nature - anything is possible. It's built according to modular construction principles, SIP technology and the climate zone in which it will be built. So you can rest assured that you'll be cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter. A sustainable, environmentally friendly and practical modular house that will exceed all your expectations!

Panel buildings can be adapted to any need and purpose, be it garden sheds, summer houses, dwellings or other buildings such as bathhouses, storerooms, holiday homes, workshops etc.

Ecohouse modular house - advantages and differences

Although modular homes are becoming more and more popular, not everyone knows and understands why they are great value and why they are worth buying. Modular homes have a number of advantages that differentiate them from traditional homes in terms of design, construction, cost and time: 

  • Price. Modular homes and other SIP buildings are sold at a much lower price than conventionally built apartments or houses of the same size.
  • Time. Modular homes can be built much more quickly - in 1 day or a few weeks, depending on: the complexity of the project, the square footage, the size of the house, and the additional parts and accessories (e.g. decoration, interior design, etc.).
  • Transformation. An existing house can be transformed (changed) later if you want to, for example, increase the size of the house, i.e. its square footage, by adding more modules, or, conversely, decrease the size of the house (by removing the corresponding modules). This is particularly convenient if a family has more children and needs more rooms - you simply need to contact Ecohouse to request changes to the house.
  • Simple construction. The main parts of the house are manufactured in the factory and then delivered to the specified construction site, assembled and built immediately - in a very short period of time (from 1 day to several weeks). So it is a much shorter construction time than the long construction periods of conventional houses.
  • Site management. Less clutter and construction waste. Because builders don't need a lot of equipment or materials. The parts are simply brought in and quickly used to build a house or other structure without leaving anything unnecessary on the site.
  • Location. The SIP house SIP house can be placed anywhere as it does not require a smooth surface. Therefore, they can be built in hilly areas or even in forests. Also near water: lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. For those who want real privacy and seclusion, such houses are being built even in areas far from civilisation, where there is no electricity or other communications. In such cases, solar panels are provided and included in the design if desired. By comparison, conventional houses are rarely built in such areas.
  • Documents. You will move into your new home much faster, not only because of the short construction times, but also because of the documentation, as panel houses have a simplified procedure for permits, design and other necessary documents. Other houses require more paperwork and time. So SIP projects are much simpler in this respect too.
  • Quality. The modular house is built to a high quality standard, using only the highest quality materials. Modular houses can even meet A++ standards if you wish. In terms of quality, modular homes are no different from traditionally built homes (brick, wooden, etc.). Ecohouse houses and caravans and other structures are robust, functional and durable.
  • Flexibility. What is not possible with traditional houses becomes possible with modular houses! Building solutions that can only be realised with a modular house because conventional construction is not possible. For example, this is especially true when space is limited or the terrain is hilly, or there is a lot of humidity (water nearby). In such cases, such houses are not only built according to the location but also adapted to suit the needs and ideas (according to an individual project). 
  • Savings. From the start to the end of construction and long afterwards, there are savings to be made in every respect. Not only because it costs less to build and is quicker to build, but also because once you are living in a modular house, the running costs are much lower. This is not always the case with traditional houses, which often cost a lot to maintain.
  • All in one. A modular house project - according to your wishes, needs and possibilities! These dwellings can be built with interior finishes, interior elements and even furniture, (for example 80m2) . The project can also include all the engineering communications: water supply, electrical wiring, heating. So you can feel free to design what's been on your mind for a long time, and if you're not sure about something, you can contact Ecohouse specialists for advice or just to discuss your future modular building!

As can be seen from the advantages and differences listed above, modular homes are equal to, and sometimes even superior to, traditional homes. Therefore, anyone who decides on such a SIP project will not regret it!

Modular house - what is the construction cost?

As there is a wide range of modular houses and bungalows, the price varies. Modular houses with prices are available for anyone interested in such projects. You can view or even choose the modular house you like on our Ecohouse website, and there is a lot of material on SIP technology and the construction, materials and features of such buildings. You can also send us a request form - what is your area of interest, what kind of house would you like, or do you already have a project? You can attach it too. 

The Ecohouse team is always ready to take on a new project and delight our customers with beautiful modular homes!

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