SIP Panel Houses

SIP Panel houses are the choice of many people who want to own their own home. This is not only because of the lower price, but also because of the fast construction, energy efficiency, low running costs and other reasons. "Ecohouse" SIP panel houses meet the highest quality requirements because they are built with quality construction materials and according to the appropriate technology. This makes them durable and long-lasting.

SIP Panel houses are the most popular worldwide. Statistically, the number of SIP panel houses is increasing every year, not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe and America. The construction of SIP panel houses started about 50 years ago and since then the technology of panel production and the construction materials have been improving. Today, SIP panel houses are not only equal to, but in many cases even superior to, brick, log and other conventional houses. The construction is made up of sandwich panels, so that all the necessary characteristics are achieved: adequate thermal resistance, energy savings, etc. 

A SIP panel house - the modern solution!

These days, many people are choosing such homes for many reasons. One reason is speed - a SIP panel house can be built in a very short time. So you don't have to wait long for the housewarming party. And construction starts in the factory, where the panels for the walls are made and then brought to the site and assembled in a couple of weeks or a few weeks, depending on the project. And you can be sure of a quality built house that will last a long time. And it is "environmentally friendly" (eco-friendly).

Another important reason is a house that will save you money from the moment you decide to build a SIP panel house! It's hard to believe, but it really is. That is why people are very happy living in such houses. 

Savings are made from the outset because panel construction costs less than traditional construction and takes less time (and after all, "time is money"!). And already living in a SIP panel house offers significant savings, as heating and other costs are very low. Not like in a brick house, where even the walls seem to take all the heat... 

And you don't even need to add insulation to a SIP panel house. Just look at those houses (especially old houses) where the owners decide to insulate their houses (e.g. brick, stone) - how much do you need to invest to spend less on heating afterwards?...

And that's just a small part of the reason for choosing this type of house. SIP Panel houses are the perfect choice in every way! 

In modern life, this is perhaps the most valuable decision and the best investment!

Advantages of SIP panel houses

A panel house is a great building in many ways. There is a reason why such houses are popular and often chosen in various countries in Europe and around the world, and what is more interesting is that panel house construction has been going on for many decades and its technology is constantly improving. A panel house has a number of advantages and features that often make it superior to a traditional house (e.g. brick). 


  • durable, long-lasting, reliable - because Ecohouse construction and materials meet the highest quality standards(!);
  • quick to build – panels are prepared in the factory and quickly assembled, installed on site and wet plaster is replaced by dry plaster panels;
  • cost-effective - saving money during operation (living); 
  • excellent energy efficiency;
  • heat and energy saving the temperature regime can be controlled because the walls do not "absorb" heat, so if the temperature is lowered during the day, it warms up very quickly in the evening;
  • quality - advanced manufacturing techniques for panels and other building materials, as well as compliance with all building standards and requirements;
  • resistance to the elements - a prefabricated house will withstand whatever the weather(!); 
  • fire resistance - impregnation materials are used to increase fire resistance, thus providing fire protection. It can therefore be said that SIP panel houses are really safe. Moreover, it complies with the requirements of the Republic of Lithuania regarding fire safety;
  • a "healthy" microclimate - an environment that is suitable for human health and comfort;
  • environmentally friendly - there are no harmful effects on the environment, both in terms of building with quality materials and in terms of maintenance;
  • flexible in terms of architecture and design - anything your imagination can conceive(!), with fewer requirements on the layout of the walls (compared to brick or other houses where the location of the walls is important).Also, the existing house can be redesigned if necessary, i.e. it is possible to change the position of the inner walls by changing the layout. This is also true for temporary structures, as they can even be dismantled or quickly reinstalled; 
  • all year round - construction takes place in all seasons, so you don't have to wait for more suitable weather conditions, ensuring smooth construction work;
  • insulation, airtightness - a SIP panel house has very good insulation properties, and a high level of airtightness is achieved in the factory when the panels are made. These qualities have positive consequences. First of all, the sound insulation is very good - you won't hear any sound from outside. And secondly, there is excellent thermal insulation, so that your home is warm and cosy, because the heat does not escape through any cracks (there are no cracks, after all!). Thirdly, it is airtight not only at the windows and doors, but also at the joints where the panels are joined. Brick houses, which are also difficult to insulate, have almost no such properties;

There is a saying that prefabricated houses have many more advantages than conventional houses - and this is true. Anyone who has lived in a prefabricated house can attest to this. "Ecohouse panel homes are becoming increasingly popular. So if you're thinking about building your own home, now is the time to choose a panel house!

Price of a SIP panel house

Prices for prefabricated houses vary depending on the size (square footage, storeys) of the building and the design (e.g. box only or partially finished). Panel houses up to 80m2 cost less than those over 80m2. Fully finished houses are also available - turnkey. However, these are more expensive, so you can move in straight away without having to worry about anything. 

Like modular buildings, prefabricated buildings are built for a wide range of applications. Not only houses, but also smaller houses, garden houses and summer houses can be built from panels. In addition, if a man needs his own territory, he can build a garage or simply a workshop. The simpler the structure, the lower the price. But in any case, the construction is of high quality. 

"Ecohouse" SIP panel houses are the perfect choice for quality at an attractive price!

I want a panel house, what should I do?

Thinking about a SIP panel house? But not sure where to start? It's easy! Just contact us - the Ecohouse team! We'll discuss the SIP panel house project with you, all your expectations and needs, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and we'll answer them, tell you about the technology, how the construction is done, and anything else you're interested in. And when the work starts, you'll be kept informed every step of the way, every step of the way. We work to make sure our customers are happy with their new home!

What you should know about panel house maintenance

A panelled house doesn't require frequent high maintenance - definitely NOT. A quickly built house will last a long time, no need to doubt it. However, it is worth bearing in mind that there are recommendations for maintenance, e.g. every few years the house could be repainted with a special product to give it more protection against various influences. But, after all, every house is renovated from time to time. This is all the more reason why conservation and maintenance increase the lifespan. 

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