Design without limits - build with less risk.

Architects and planners.

The panel-based construction system can be designed to construct any style of building from the very traditional to the modern. Standardised panel sizes and connecting components make it extremely easy and free to carry out different configurations. The use of panel panels takes care of the building's energy efficiency and is adaptable to a wide range of finishes, including stucco, brick, timber cladding, composite panel or even stone.

Because our panel systems are precision-manufactured in the factory, they are quickly and accurately connected on site. This means that the building will adhere to the original planned dimensions within very tight tolerances. Furthermore, architectural intent is not left to chance, it can be manufactured in the factory and then constructed on site without error.


Self Builders - Build with confidence.

A builder in his own right.

As a self-builder, you will want to trust that the system you choose will deliver the quality, performance and style you are looking for. You'll also want the security of knowing that your home can be delivered on time and on budget. A panel-based construction system is designed to meet all of these needs and significantly reduce the cost risks and time overruns associated with the construction process.

Some of the advantages of working with ECOHOUSE Building systems are

  • Building designs are prepared.
  • Fast construction times with our PANO panel systems.
  • Competitive trade prices.
  • International sales and marketing support.

Welcome to cooperation

Qualified craftsmen, carpenters.
Agents, partners with the right conditions to sell our systems.

We provide full training, advice and ongoing support to help our installers and agents.


Invite settlers to your dream home sooner rather than later..


The preparation process for panel house construction systems, which allows us to work with clients across Europe to efficiently and effectively create unique settlements that meet all their criteria.

The ultimate appeal of prefabricated homes is that buyers can work with design teams to develop a bespoke architectural plan - giving them the opportunity to build their dream home from their dreams to their specifications. With the freedom to plan, select materials and use the advanced energy-efficient technologies we install in your own neighbourhood, your building will be fully customised inside and out.

House kits formed from panels dramatically simplify the construction process - buildings are assembled on your site in just a few days. Your new turnkey house is built to the highest standards, one by one, giving you everything you need to invite newcomers into your dream home in the shortest possible time.

Show us what your dream home looks like. We'll take care of the rest.


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