Ecohouse – building systems.

Ecohouse brings together cutting-edge sustainable housing technologies to conserve energy resources and replace old construction methods.
We are proud to be at the forefront of the residential low-rise, mid-rise and commercial high-performance building panel systems market.

Our building systems are tailored to all dry building structures, including internal and external walls, floors, trusses and panelled roofs - we design, manufacture and deliver the entire structural envelope of your building.

Panels are prefabricated, high-quality, lightweight building components used in external and internal walls and roofs. In addition to complete "SIP kits", we also supply individual components to partners in the construction market.

Our structural insulated panels comply with stringent building regulations, as well as the Passivhaus standard for cooler climates, giving system U-values as low as 0.09 W/m²K.

ECOHOUSE is expanding rapidly, responding to market demand and continuously striving to improve operational efficiency through research and performance testing, integrated management systems and third-party accreditation.
We operate in a wide range of sectors within the construction industry and have become market leaders in many private construction and commercial building sectors.

Advanced home building technologies.

Our expertise in fast, green building systems that reduce site mess and project time without compromising quality or energy efficiency.

As an innovator, we strive to provide a personalised service that exceeds our clients' expectations, and we are also keen to work with property developers, self-builders and architects.

Requirements for extensions, new buildings, garden houses and residential housing can be tailored to each client, and our technical staff is on hand to help from the early stages to completion.
ECOHOUSE Recognising that some engineers, architects and builders need to know more about the capabilities and performance of structural insulated panel technology, ECOHOUSE invites all those interested in using advanced prefabricated panels in future projects to come to our factory for a demonstration of the technological solutions and to answer any technical questions.

An innovation-driven experience.

The Group's management is based on its strong values as it expands and successfully implements its production base.
"To provide access to quality housing for a large number of people, because offering low-cost housing does not necessarily mean low-quality materials, cramped and unattractive housing."

Thanks to progress, business development boosts local employment and the professional and personal development of all employees.

The industrial approach.

To meet the triple challenge of quality, productivity and tight deadlines, the company lives the approach.

Streamlining design, planning and working methods, preparing walls, assembling the various components to form "turnkey" systems ready for delivery to construction sites.

An unrivalled range of building products has been designed to be easily adapted to the needs of the whole building.

We give our contractor partners the opportunity to grow their business by helping them become leaders in their regions. We invest in partnerships based on the value of better solutions, quality service and long-term relationships.

The product systems are designed to achieve exceptional strength, durability and design flexibility.
Whatever your project, we work with you to deliver unrivalled expertise and the industry's most efficient

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