Roof solutions.

The purpose of conventional roof structures is to protect against any water ingress and loads on the roof covering.
The installed covering shall include a second strip of defence, taking into account the effects of wind-driven rain, snow and ice, as appropriate to the specific characteristics of the geographical environment.
The choice of roof design should be based on an assessment of the loads, the anticipated roof pitch, the roof covering and the performance maintenance expectations.
The choice of roof covering influences many design decisions.

Two-way beam .

Guarantees structural stability. Two-track beams are used for inter-storey slabs and rafters.
The advantage of using I-beams for slabs is that the cavity of the beams can accommodate infrastructure pipes and communication cables.
Although there are many ways to carry out roof forming, it is necessary to take into account the covering materials and the appropriate manufacturers' recommendations.

Roof covering.

Even a relatively simple pitched roof should be designed by a professional designer.
It is worth paying attention to the roof covering and minimal slope design tips.

Roof covering Minimum slope, degrees
Bituminous tiles 12°*
Rolled steel sheet*
Steel trapezoidal profile sheet
Steel tile profile sheet 14°
Wavy fibre cement sheets (slate) 12°
Smooth fibre cement sheets 25°
Concrete corrugated roof tiles 14°
Ceramic tiles 16-18°


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