Foundation solutions.

Effort and care must be taken to ensure accuracy at the foundation level, otherwise the panel installation process may have an impact on the wall installation. Correctness of the substrate with respect to level, square and overall dimensions. A small deviation can lead to huge discrepancies.
Panels may be installed on foundations where the width of the foundation fully allows space for both the wall panel and the floor joist fixing.
The timber joist frame shall be fixed on the prepared foundation base around the entire perimeter. The wall panels will be fixed on top of it.

Drilled with a superstructure above ground.

A drilled foundation consists of two parts - the piles and the above-ground part that connects them - the rostrum.
The upper part of the foundation, or the rostrum, joins the piles into a single structure and distributes the building loads proportionally to the piles. This is the foundation solution of choice when there is no soil movement.

Residual with U-shaped polystyrene formwork.

With this solution, residual formwork is formed from specially milled bean panels. The reinforcement frame in the formwork is reinforced with a pile reinforcement frame. The formwork and piles are cast in concrete.
In this way, two phases of work are carried out in a single installation phase: the formwork for the casting of the rostrum is formed and the foundations are insulated on three sides. This results in a warm monolithic foundation.


When installing a slab foundation, many of the works are done at the same time: all the house's utilities are connected, the underfloor heating system is installed, all the plumbing points are installed, and the drainage and rainwater drainage systems are laid.
The advantage of these foundations is that they can be used even when the ground conditions for building the house are poor.

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