Partitioning solutions.

Many different designs have been developed, tested and successfully installed, with different characteristics, so the right choice should be made in consultation with the designer and with the help of experienced professionals. The biggest advantage is that once the first stage of work has been completed, when the shell of the house is installed, there is no need to wait for everything to dry out (which is required for masonry work) and work can continue. Several dry construction systems can be chosen

SIP panels.

The same building materials can be used for the interior partitions as for the exterior walls of the house. It is important to follow the intended design and to use lighter materials for the partitioning in areas where there should not be a heavy load on the walls.

Magnesium oxide panels.

Magnesium oxide is a revolutionary mineral-based product that is non-toxic, waterproof, fireproof and extremely strong. The perfect building material. A panel with MGO has many advantages. Partitions formed with MGO panels are ready for direct plastering and finishing.

Panels with Magnesium Oxide plate and rock wool in the core.

To ensure a good level of sound insulation, we consider installing partitions with MGOA panels. These panels are formed in the core, using non-combustible, load-bearing, highly efficient thermal insulation made of stone wool panels in the insulation layer. These panels are resistant to alkalis. They are conductive to water vapour, so that moisture does not accumulate in the thermal insulation layer and the dimensions of the panels remain stable in the presence of both temperature and humidity.

Gypsum will always be a weaker and less sound-insulating material.
Hanging things is also a challenge that has its own solutions.

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