Larch paneling.

Larch paneling.

Larch is classified as a semi-hard wood and has a high degree of hardness. Larch wood is resinous, hard and rot-resistant, and has better physical and mechanical properties than other conifers. This means that it does not need to be impregnated against rotting, but only oiled 1 time. The boards are available in planed or rough finish.
Planed boards - these boards close the pores of the wood during the manufacturing process, so that wood preservatives and finishes penetrate less into the surface of the product. When exposed to intense ultraviolet sunlight and atmospheric exposure, painted paneling surfaces begin to grey and fade.

Rough-surfaced cladding - the surface of the visible side of these claddings is produced using a special band saw. During this manufacturing process, the pores in the wood of rough-surfaced paneling open up. This allows wood preservatives and finishes to penetrate deeply into the rough surface of the product, which ensures that this type of paneling has a longer durability of around 30% compared to planed surface paneling.

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