Helical foundations.

Helical foundations.

Some recommendations on the choice of foundations, depending on the structure you are planning.

It is important to carry out a soil test when installing heavier structures in order to avoid driving the screw into a turf or a substrate without firm/steady soil. The installation time for helical foundations is much shorter than for concrete foundations. For a standard caravan, the foundation is screwed together in a few hours and the wooden part can be assembled immediately afterwards. For a house, we can prepare a screw foundation in 1-2 days. The most suitable screw is selected from a wide range of screws and screwed into the foundation using a special screwdriver, according to the anticipated loads on the foundation and the particularities of the construction.

For wooden houses, sheds and saunas, we recommend the M-series helical foundations. The lengths of the M-series screws range from 800mm to 3000mm. The M-series has a hexagonal plate at the top of the screw (fixing with six screws and through the centre of the long thread). With the M-series screws, we can easily align the heights and obtain a flat plane for the structure.

For pergolas, terraces, garages, carports, sheds, wood sheds, fences, ramps, we recommend U-series screws. The lengths of the U-screws are 550mm, 730mm and 865mm. The next important dimension is the spacing of the screw tip, which is fitted with lugs. The boss spacing can be 71mm, 91mm and 111mm. Depending on the dimensions of the wood or metal rectangular tubes to be used, the following lugs can be chosen.

Helical foundations

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